Enjoy the Carnival of Carnivals, the biggest Carnival on earth, from Mar3 to Mar8, in Salvador Bahia Brazil.

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The emotional reaction we all get from bad news – such as unanticipated, emergency expenses – is more than something in your head. Your whole body responds to stress, with an increase in the heart rate, perhaps a pit in the stomach and often a pounding headache. The only “medicine” that can help is for the problem to somehow go away. For many, the prescription is payday loans.

This is because payday loans bring you early money – a cash advance that brings your next paycheck to you a week or two before the next payday. It’s more than just an aspirin – it’s a lifeline that alleviates your financial situation and probably can reduce those physiological responses as well.

Think of the emotional and physical benefits of payday loans:

  • Meet financial obligations – Just covering your bills, knowing they are paid and that no one will come knocking on your door or call you on the phone to ask for the cash, is a huge relief to just about everyone.

  • Avoid extra costs of being late – You know that paying late on bills always costs more. Payday loans come with their own costs, but often they can be much less than late fees, increased interest charges and dings against your credit score (note that people with poor credit can still be eligible for payday loans).

  • Safe harbor in a storm – Then there is the emergency expense itself. A dental problem, or visit to the ER. Maybe it’s an emergency with a beloved family pet. These are important, necessary and expensive – but payday loans allow you to address such emergencies when they need to be taken care of.

When you consider the long-term health effects of financial stress, you might actually think of payday loans as preventive medicine.


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+ Olodum
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+ Tatau
+ Claudia Leite
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+ Daniela Mercury
+ Psirico

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